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Sunshine City Scare 2023

Photos : Kat Andersen 

In a groundbreaking and spine-chilling event, Sunshine City Scare took over the Coliseum and surrounding area in downtown St. Petersburg on May 13-14. This unique convention, a collaboration between horror aficionados and anime enthusiasts, showcased a new breed of horror experience, delving into four distinct subgenres: anime horror, video game horror, horror in movies and TV, and a very special guest appearance by the creator of the iconic Monster High franchise. With Florida Comic Cons as a sponsor, attendees were in for a terrifyingly thrilling weekend, complete with contests offering cash prizes worth $1,500.   

A Celebration of Anime Horror:

Sunshine City Scare brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “evil comes in many forms.” The convention celebrated the sinister side of anime, providing a platform for fans to explore and embrace the dark and malevolent aspects of their favorite shows. In a first-of-its-kind event in Florida, anime horror took center stage, captivating attendees with its unique blend of terror and animation. No other convention had ever focused solely on this chilling subgenre before, making Sunshine City Scare a must-attend for fans of the macabre.                                                                                         

Unveiling Iconic Characters:

The convention boasted an impressive lineup of celebrity guests, including renowned voice actors and live-action performers from popular anime shows, video games, and movies. From the chainsaw-wielding world of Chainsaw Man to the haunting depths of Tokyo Ghoul, attendees were treated to the presence of their beloved characters come to life. Stars from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill video game franchises, as well as actors from movies such as Cabin in the Woods and Sleepy Hollow, added an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to the event.                                             

The Very Special Guest: Creator of Monster High:

Among the luminaries present at Sunshine City Scare was none other than the creator of the beloved Monster High franchise. This iconic figure had captivated audiences worldwide with their enchanting creatures, combining horror and fashion in a truly unique way. Fans had the extraordinary opportunity to meet the visionary behind the ghoulishly delightful characters and delve into the creative process that birthed an enduring phenomenon.


Spine-Tingling Contests:

In addition to the immersive guest experiences, Sunshine City Scare offered attendees the chance to showcase their own horror-themed talents through a series of contests. The convention-goers eagerly participated in various competitions, ranging from cosplay contests to trivia challenges, all vying for the coveted $1,500 in cash prizes. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as fans brought their favorite characters to life and tested their knowledge of the darkest corners of the horror realm.

Immersive Venue and Atmosphere:

The Coliseum and its surrounding area provided the perfect backdrop for Sunshine City Scare. The historic venue transformed into a nightmarish dreamscape, with eerie lighting, haunting soundscapes, and meticulously designed set pieces transporting attendees into a realm of horror and dread. From the moment they stepped through the gates, guests were enveloped in an atmosphere that merged the unsettling worlds of anime horror and traditional horror media, leaving them breathless and exhilarated.




A Feast for the Senses:

Sunshine City Scare aimed to create a multi-dimensional horror experience by tantalizing all the senses. Alongside the visual and auditory spectacles, the convention featured delectable treats inspired by the horror genre. Patrons could indulge in creatively crafted snacks and beverages, savoring the taste of horror while immersing themselves in the chilling ambiance of the event. This unique culinary twist added an extra layer of immersion, elevating the overall experience to new, chilling heights.

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