Netflix’s One Piece Shatters Records

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In Ep. 582, Millennial Mike and I discuss Netflix’s One-Piece success, Playstation Plus subscribers canceling after price hike, the Godzilla Minus One trailer, and more!

0:00:14 Welcome to The Reasons I’m Broke podcast!
0:04:17 Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Plus: A Comparison
0:06:02 Xbox Game Pass: Better Online Gaming Experience
0:13:15 Netflix’s One Piece Breaks Records Worldwide
0:22:03 Blessings and Marketing Strategies
0:26:01 Excitement for Season 2 of Arcane
0:29:15 Taylor Swift Concert Film Breaks Records
0:33:15 James Gunn’s Controversial Comments and Reputation
0:38:49 The Success of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer
0:42:14 The Impact of Branding in the Joker Movie
0:48:00 Discussing Godzilla’s Appearance and Timeline
0:52:03 Release Date and Excitement for the Upcoming Godzilla Movie
0:55:02 Introducing the Brokette Block segment
1:03:41 Diving into Russian literature: The Brothers Karamazov
1:05:53 Road trip to Georgia: The Long Drive Begins
1:09:11 Georgia’s Appeal: A Change of Pace
1:13:30 Challenges with Recording and Storage
1:19:32 Lion’s Gate Working on Natural Adaptation Movie
1:21:02 Doubtful agreement on writer’s perspective

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