Convention Report

Retroverse Revelry, and Nostalgic Vibes happening at the Galactic Comics Comic Convention


If you’re into comic books and craving the nostalgia of intimate conventions reminiscent of the 1980s, look no further than the Galactic Comics Comic Convention. Held on Saturday, February 17, at the Stoneybrook West Golf Club in Winter Garden Florida, this event was a  throwback to the days when comic cons were cozy gatherings of passionate collectors.

Stepping into the convention room, I was immediately struck by the quaint atmosphere, with only about a hundred attendees milling about. It felt like a hidden gem tucked away from the hustle and bustle of larger conventions, transporting me back to a time when comic book collectors gathered in small hotel event rooms to share their love for the medium.

With just 20 vendor booths offering comics, toys, and other pop culture treasures, plus guest comic book creator Roland Mann, the Galactic Comics Comic Convention provided an exclusive experience for attendees. It was refreshing to browse through the selection of merchandise without feeling overwhelmed by crowds, allowing for meaningful interactions with vendors and fellow collectors.

Despite its modest size, the convention offered a diverse range of collectibles, catering to both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. Whether you were hunting for rare comics to complete your collection or simply browsing for nostalgic reverence, there was something for everyone at this event.

One of the highlights of the convention was the opportunity to engage with fellow enthusiasts in discussions about our favorite comics and characters. The sense of camaraderie was palpable, reminding me of why I fell in love with comic culture in the first place.

With an admission fee of just $5.00, the Galactic Comics Comic Convention offered exceptional value for a day of entertainment and discovery. Whether you’re a long time collector or a casual fan looking for a fun outing, this convention is definitely worth checking out.

The Galactic Comics Comic Convention provided an intimate experience that harkened back to the golden era of comic cons. With its cozy atmosphere, diverse selection of vendors, and welcoming community, it’s a must-visit for anyone passionate about comics and pop culture.



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