Event Report

Anime in the Park: A Day to Remember in Groveland, Florida


As the sun rose over Lake David Park on today, it was clear that Anime in the Park was going to be a special event. The promise of a fun-filled day brought together fans from all walks of life, and it did not disappoint.

From the moment I got there, the energy was palpable. The Pop-Up Marketplace was a treasure trove of creativity, showcasing over 20 artists and vendors who brought the spirit of anime into tangible forms. Unique crafts, artworks, and an array of merchandise were a feast for the eyes and a celebration of fandom.

The soundtrack of the day was as diverse as the attendees, with musical genres spanning from soothing lo-fi to the electric buzz of EDM as the evening approached. The live music was a perfect accompaniment to the vibrant scenes unfolding around the park.

What made Anime in the Park truly memorable was the sense of community. Bumping into old friends and diving into deep conversations felt like rekindling connections from a shared past. The cosplay was a visual treat, with attendees donning their best outfits, embodying their favorite characters with a flair that only true passion can bring.

As the day wound down, the sentiment was unanimous: Anime in the Park should become an annual tradition. It was more than just an event; it was a day where memories were made, friendships were forged, and the love for anime was celebrated in all its forms.

Here’s to hoping that Anime in the Park returns next year. See you in 2025!




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