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Review: Good Knight

Good Knight

Developer & Publisher: Team Good Knight

Release: Sept 17, 2021

Playtime as of writing: 5.2 hours (Code provided)



Good Knight’s Steam page refers to it as a “Buttclenching One-Button Bullet-Hell”. The game itself refers to it as a “Rage Puzzle” game. Unfortunately for the gimmick of this and all other rage games, I no longer feel rage after overworking the rage center of my brain to the point that it burnt out. This kind of game is not designed to be reviewed, it is designed to be played on stream for the reactions.



The game itself is simple, you play as the Knight, a Spanish knight who descends to Filipino hell after falling in love with the princess. You run around in a circle, sometimes around a rock sometimes not, if you press the one button you attack and change directions. You can also hold the button down to do a ranged attack. There’s also a slow down button, which means the game is not “One-Button”. Dodge the bullets until eventually the boss appears. You automatically attack the boss when line of sight is not obstructed so it’s just more dodging bullets until the bosses many many health bars deplete.

The game has 4 difficulty settings: Easy (literally a joke), Pain Kink, Hell, and Filipino (I don’t know if this is currently implemented). The game also supports up to four players, but I played by myself so I couldn’t tell you how that changes the game play. There is also a leader board so you can see how you’ve done compared to everyone else that has played. I have no idea how the score is decided though. The game is divided into 6 stages, each stage consists of 2 spirals. Spirals don’t mean anything, it’s just a way to break up the stage because each stage has a number of puzzles and after each puzzle is a checkpoint. I finished the game on Pain Kink. From what I can tell in the brief bit that I’ve played Hell difficulty has more bullets and you play each stage twice. Also the sound track is amazing, I can’t think of anywhere else to mention that so I’m just going to say it here.



Good Knight claims to be based on a Filipino legend but every time I tried looking it up I was not able to find anything. I thought about asking my co-worker because he told me his mother in law is from The Philippines but that would involve divulging more information about myself to a co-worker then I’m comfortable with (Jacob if you’re some how reading this, no you aren’t). I like to keep my work and personal life separate, like that old Futurama joke “Leela: I didn’t know you had a wife. Ipji: And my wife doesn’t know I have a job.”





Is Filipino hell just running in circles forever?

When you met the Filipina in Spain... Did you meet a demon or an angel?

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