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Liam Sharp’s Eisner-Nominated ‘Starhenge’ Saga Continues In ‘Ore: A Starhenge Graphic Novella’

Iconic creator Liam Sharp returns to the epic Arthurian world of StarHenge to explore the genesis of Ore, with a first look at the stunning new sci-fi tale 

Legendary award-winning artist and writer Liam Sharp (Green Lantern, Spawn: The Dark Ages) is returning to his fantastical realm of StarHenge to summon a new spellbinding tale, ORE: A STARHENGE GRAPHIC NOVELLA. The news comes shortly after it was announced that Sharp earned an Eisner nomination for Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (Interior Art) for StarHenge: The Dragon and the Boar and for Nocterra: Nemesis Special, also published by Image Comics.

Following the events of StarHenge, in which a future Merlin travels to 5th-century Britain to prevent monstrous time-traveling robots from robbing the universe of magic, Ore: A StarHenge Graphic Novella charts the battle between the resurrected Ur-Queen and the horrifying AI of the CAST, in a galaxy-spanning conflict where ALL sentient life is threatened. A first look at a selection of pages from the graphic novella shows Sharp’s stunning illustrations and the genesis of Ore, revealing the plans of her many avatars: to save as much life as they could, and to make the CAST learn how to suffer. Ore: A StarHenge Graphic Novella will hit shelves this August from Image Comics.

Ore: A StarHenge Graphic Novella blurs the line between illustrated books and comics, with a blistering, hard sci-fi saga of epic proportions,” said Sharp. “The graphic novella expands the StarHenge universe with a galaxy-spanning saga focusing on the Ur-Queen after her physical death. Becoming an agent of vengeance against the implacable might of the CAST—alien AI wearing human skin faces—she fights a losing battle in search of a single idea that might tip the balance…”

StarHenge Book One: The Dragon And The Boar Deluxe Edition is now available for purchase in stores and on digital platforms.

Ore: A StarHenge Graphic Novella will be available for purchase at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 7 (cover by Liam Sharp; Lunar Code 0624IM253). It will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Select praise for StarHenge:“Uniting futuristic world building with the wonderful world of Arthurian mythology, Sharp has created one of the best modern masterpieces of comics.”—CBR

“Liam Sharp’s new Image Comics series StarHenge is one of the most ambitious sci-fi and fantasy projects to appear in comics in recent years, one that will push the artist to his very limits and perhaps consecrate him as one of the greatest in his generation.”—Screen Rant 

“Sharp’s art is such a perfect fit for epic fantasy, it’s a joy to see him add robots and spaceships into the mix as well.”—Entertainment Weekly

“A star-spanning saga of ancient magic and deep science, vividly told by a modern master of the comics medium.”—Dave Gibbons

“One of the great artists of our time at the top of his game. Absolutely epic.”
Tom King



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