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Omni Fandom Expo 2020 Cancellation

Hello Everyone,

We had hoped that with our new dates that we would be seeing all of you and having some fun together before the end of the summer this year. However, after many discussions, much planning with our Staff and the Hotel, and lots of observations of the current and evolving community situation, we have weighed the many options for Omni Fandom Expo 2020.

We found that given the current standings, holding a 2020 event was just not in the cards. In the best interests and continued safety of everyone, we felt it would better to postpone to a time when we would be able to put on the caliber of event that we have come to love for the past 6 years. We are severely disappointed and saddened to have to say that we will be postponing Omni Fandom Expo until 2021 when we hope things will be safer for all involved. After all, without you, there is no convention. But fear not Omni fans, for our dates are already locked in with our Hotel, the Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration (new name coming soon!)!

Omni Fandom Expo will return August 6-8, 2021! This gives everyone another year to plan and prepare. We hope for plenty of time to allow the current health situation to have some form of stability with immunization and treatment available to allow gatherings safely once again for all to enjoy.

Nevertheless, we will continue to plan for safe health standards, hanging on to the supplies we have already been gathering for this year so we will be ready for 2021. We have been in close contact with our Hotel location and will continue to do so as we monitor changes in the current situation.

We ask everyone to please remember that we are a small convention, and as such we rely on PreRegistration and Merchant sales to afford all the pre-con required expenses, such as venue, advertising, flights, etc. This means that, as before, all monies previously received were already applied to the Hotel and convention planning, and any flight refunds from March’s postponement are still in limbo. Other expenses were rolled over from one set of dates to the next. What does this mean for those of you whom have already helped support Omni Fandom Expo 2020?
• Hotel rooms should automatically be cancelled by the Days Hotel by Wyndham Celebration. In case they are not, please give them time to do so. The hotel has not yet fully reopened and staff there is currently extremely limited or working from home.

• PreRegistration and Merchant Booths/Tables: As with our previous postponement from March to August of this year, we will be rolling over all purchases to the new 2021 dates. You will not need to do anything as this will be automatic.

• Panelists: Once again we will be clearing the panel schedule when the new dates are created. We will make an announcement once the new dates and times are available. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we have felt it best in everyone’s interests to simply reset the panel times in case anyone needs to change their schedule.

• Merchants unable to attend our new dates will need to contact us. The same requirements as last time will apply – due to the lack of sufficient funds at this time, we will be unable to refund until the specific table/booth resells. Please contact us with your table/booth number and company name as well as proof of purchase so that we may release your table/booth and place you on our refund list.

• Merchants who cancelled previously and your table/booth has NOT resold: Please contact us immediately with your information so that we may place you back in your same spot. Any prior payment will be reapplied.

• Merchants who cancelled previously and your table/booth IS NOT available but you were not yet refunded due to the sale not yet completing: If there is a table or booth currently available please place your reservation and contact us with your information so that we may apply your previous payment to the new table/booth.

As always, we thank everyone for their support of our small event. We wish all the best of safety and health in these trying times and hope to see you all in 2021.

We love you all and please be safe so we can see you next year.
Owner, Omni Fandom Expo


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