Cosplayer Interview

Cosplay Group of the Week: Gotham Underground

Leo Nocedo : When did you decide to start Gotham ?
Gotham Underground : May 2017. It was an idea that sprouted after a Free Comic Book Day at Dark Side Comics and Games.

Leo Nocedo : What made you start Gotham ?
Gotham Underground : We discussed how there weren’t a lot of groups or conventions in Sarasota/Bradenton and we kind of wanted to be a part of that change.

Leo Nocedo : What is Gotham about ?
Gotham Underground : We believe in the fun of Cosplay. Do it because it makes you happy. We also try to bring acceptance and awareness that anyone can cosplay. You can Cosplay any character you are passionate about. We love community, friends, charities and we try to help keep this culture fun. We also love to bring Comedy and Good Vibes wherever we go.

Leo Nocedo : What events does Gotham go to ?
Gotham Underground : Conventions, Parades, Personal and Business Events, Charities or Fundraisers, Fandom Gatherings, Photoshoots or Video Shoots, and Just Cosplay in Public for fun haha.

Leo Nocedo : Where is Gotham located and where do you like to go?
Gotham Underground : Ozzie J Cosplay and Missriddlebox Cosplay are in Sarasota. Our members are all over Florida areas Central and South. From Miami to Orlando! We did create a separate chapter for our South Florida members! That is ran by @sailor_kit_kat and @treblemaker_cosplay. I would love us to go to Dragoncon or NYCC or Chicago someday! SO PUT IN YOUR REQUESTS TO THOSE CONS!! HEHE. We love to go to Conventions, Get togethers, and hanging out at Disney, Universal, and local restaurants/bars.

Leo Nocedo : How many Members do you have ?
Gotham Underground : 35 Between us and Soflo

Leo Nocedo : Who are your Members ?
Gotham Underground :  Okay…get ready….@missriddlebox_cosplay, @ozzie.j.cosplay, @harris_cosplay, @sam.millar9000, @busterbeast77, @chatterin_teeth_cosplay, @crazy_kenna_cosplay, @weyrwoman2218, @yuffienori_cosplay, @realanoo, @jbganasiv, @artasyougo, @joselebron,@treblemaker_cosplay, FB: CarnEvil of Fun FB: Kristofer C. Definbaugh, @silverpenguincosplay. @orlando_oracle, @sailor_kit_kat, @cap.mathis_cosplay, @42riddles_cosplay, @joker_cosplay, @mike2thefullest, @hughhughmagoo, @wonder_woman_deanna_cosplay, @twistedpool2019, @dr.david_cosplays, @carnival_of_laughter, @dantheman_cosplay,@spider.cosplay, @chari.tee, @kazoo_kosplay, @literalcontrash, @305bruja_, and @j9cosplay -make sure to follow our Facebook Page and visit our Godaddy Website for cosplays and faces!

Leo Nocedo : What goals do you have in mind ?
Gotham Underground : For 2021 We would like to do more Charity work, Continue to appear/guest at Conventions, and Do more Online events for fun. (lipsync battles, talent shows, gaming, interviews, etc) Maybe host some costume contests or trivias.

Leo Nocedo :What events would you like to see your group in ?
Gotham Underground : Guesting bigger named cons, More Local Events, Videos, Maybe some Local Hospital Visits, School visits,etc

Leo Nocedo :What charities do you help?
Gotham Underground :  Many of our members are also members of CWC, GOJ and other amazing Cosplay Charity groups in FL so we love to join events and help when we can. Most places or events are far from us so it is hard to go unless I have the day off. However, We still try to support by sharing, donating or doing online events. When we are able to go, the reward of going to those events and seeing the difference we make just for dressing up and bringing a smile is priceless. Words cannot describe it. It can be very emotional too and that’s some of the hardest times cus you can’t break Character! Our goal is we don’t want to distract from what other Non Profit organizations do. We just want to empower friendships and Alliances with local Cosplayers and groups so we can all make a difference. Networking I guess if you want to call it that. We love to join Anime Cars of the World for any events as well! On our own We have donated to local shelters like the Woman’s Resource Center and Cat Depot in Sarasota.. We have made Raffle Baskets to help raise money to give to Charities for Keiser Con, Veterans, Equal Rights and More. Every convention we guest at we try to pick a Charity to do a raffle for or donate to. We also have Merch at 20 percent of all earnings go to local charities. We change it Monthly/Yearly depending if we sell anything on there or not. Now mind you we are still small and what we do is for fun or Volunteer so even though we may have donated maybe 20 bucks here or a $100 there. It still feels good. We do most of our appearances free and volunteer between our jobs. If the places insists We always appreciate what the Businesses or Venues offer whether it is discounted passes or free passes. Some venues even treat us to drinks and food and that is so kind! In the Three plus years we have been together we have had some amazing moments! Even though members have changed around one thing is still true. We are Family! Every Member or Previous Member has laid the foundation for us and where we are at today. For that we are Thankful.

Leo Nocedo : How does one become a member?
Gotham Underground : So we kind of like the feel of a small group. Okay…haha it’s not so small anymore. However, we meet some amazing people in our adventures. We are not openly recruiting but we do have a Google App that people can apply to! We like to have at least met you at an event 2 or 3 times and for you to have at least come in contact with One of the main Group Officers at some point. Ozzie, Myself, Harris_Cosplay, Treblemaker or SailorKitKat. So I won’t link the Application but if we have met you, you can PM us and I will send the link to you! All apps will go to council to be voted on and we go from there. So we are kind of like a Gelatinous cube…we absorb a new cosplayer or two here and there! haha. We remind you that you don’t have to be a member of the group to be family! We believe in the community whether you are in OUR group, in A group or Solo! Also, even though our most requested is DC we Cosplay it all! Heroes or Villains, Cartoon, Anime, TV, Movies, ETC! It just depends on what the venue requests, if its a multiday con, or what skits/shoots we are doing! So you don’t have to be a DC cosplayer to be in the group!


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