Wayne’s Comics Podcast #548: Interviews with Paul Cornell & Steve Yeowell and Caleb Palmquist

Paul Cornell & Steve Yeowell from Three Little Wishes and Caleb Palmquist from Unicorn: Vampire Hunter are featured in Episode #548 this week!

First up is Paul Cornell and Steve Yeowell, accomplished creators who have just released Three Little Wishes from Legendary Comics. This 128-page graphic novel tells the story of Kelly Castleton, a detail-oriented and by-the book contract lawyer who stumbles upon an ancient magic with the power to change everything. When fairy King Oberon is released from his enchanted imprisonment, he offers her three little wishes… what could possibly go wrong?  We explore how the book came to be, who the characters are, and what else these talented creators are up to! Your local comics shop can order it or you can buy it here on amazon.com!

Then everything wraps up with the return of Caleb Palmquist, who is running a successful Kickstarter campaign for Unicorn: Vampire Hunter #1-5. We talk about the series, what the future holds for it and its characters, and what other projects Caleb is working on, so you’ll enjoy what he has to say, as always!


Wayne Hall creates the weekly Wayne's Comics Podcast. He’s interviewed Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, John Layman, Kyle Higgins, Phil Hester, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, David Petersen, Christos Gage, Mike Grell, and Matt Kindt. He lives in Central Florida near Orlando, where he has resided for 7 years.

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