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Review: Maui Mighty Comics #1

Maui Mighty Comics #1

Illustrated by: Steven Butler, Sandy Carruthers, and Various

Written by: Roger McKenzie, and Various

Gemstone Publishing


*Minor spoilers ahead

After the headlines have faded, the effects of the disastrous Maui fires are still being felt. #1 Comics has responded with Maui Mighty Comics, a fund raiser comic for which all of the proceeds will go to Maui relief! Roger McKenzie, Steven Butler and Mort Todd deliver two Mr. Mixit tales, Rene King Thompson and Sandy Carruthers introduce Ms. Molecule, the hero who shrinks from danger(!), and McKenzie and Ben Torres revive Charlton’s martial arts legend, Yang! Also included is a remastered classic Charlton tale of Captain Mercury by Joe Gill and Rocke Mastroserio!

In response to the devastation left by the Maui fires, Gemstone Publishing has rallied the comic book community with the release of “Maui Mighty Comics #1,” a heartfelt effort to support relief efforts on the island. Spearheaded by writer Roger McKenzie and artist Steven Butler, with additional contributions from Sandy Carruthers and a remastered classic tale by Joe Gill and Rocke Mastroserio, this inaugural issue stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in times of crisis.

At the forefront of this anthology are two gripping narratives featuring the enigmatic Mr. Mixit, crafted with finesse by McKenzie and brought to life with dynamic art by Butler. These tales not only entertain but also serve as a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Rene King Thompson and Sandy Carruthers introduce readers to the intriguing Ms. Molecule, a hero who defies danger by shrinking into the fray—a concept both innovative and compelling. Meanwhile, McKenzie and Ben Torres breathe new life into Charlton’s martial arts legend, Yang, delivering a thrilling homage to the genre’s roots.

An additional highlight comes in the form of a remastered classic Charlton tale featuring Captain Mercury, expertly penned by Joe Gill and illustrated by Rocke Mastroserio. This nostalgic addition pays homage to the rich history of comics while aligning seamlessly with the issue’s charitable cause.

Maui Mighty Comics #1 stands not only as a testament to the talent of its creators but also as a beacon of hope and solidarity. By donating all proceeds to Maui relief efforts, Gemstone Publishing has exemplified the compassionate spirit of the comic book community. Through its pages, readers are not only treated to engaging stories but also given the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause—a testament to the transformative power of art in times of need.



A Heartfelt Anthology Supporting Relief Efforts

Gemstone Publishing has released Maui Mighty Comics #1 to support relief efforts on the island after devastating fires. The comic book anthology features gripping narratives and unique heroes, and all proceeds are donated to Maui relief efforts. It serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and the compassionate spirit of the comic book community.


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