Wayne’s Comics Podcast #637: Interviews with Paul Cornell and Rachael Smith, and Matt Schorr

Episode #637 is another excellent crowdfunding doubleheader as Wayne talks with Paul Cornell and Rachael Smith from Who Killed Nessie? on Zoop.gg, then Matt Schorr from Jesus Christ: Demon Slayer on Kickstarter!

It all begins with a fun interview with Paul Cornell and Rachael Smith from Who Killed Nessie? on Zoop.gg! Here’s how this book is described: “Every year, legendary creatures from all over the world gather for an annual convention. But never has there been a murder. It’s a comedy cryptozoological whodunnit about finding confidence through rationality and accepting a world of mysteries… by solving one.” We talk about who the characters are, how this convention story resembles real-life gatherings, and explore what else is coming soon from these great creators!

Then everything concludes with the return of Matt Schorr, who had a new Kickstarter underway for Jesus Christ: Demon Slayer. Here’s the description: “Legends are whispered in the darkest corners of Damnation describing a time when the Son of God entered their domain to challenge Lucifer himself. Known for his teachings of peace on Earth, the Messiah waged a one-man war across the Shores of Hell, slaughtering any demon, devil or false god foolish enough to stand in his way. Now, the story can be told… .” We discuss how this story came to be, who the characters are, and what else Matt and his Schorr Manor Studio have heading our way in the months ahead!


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