Wayne’s Comics Podcast #640: Interview with Matt Kindt and Margie Kraft Kindt

Matt Kindt, known for working with Keanu Reaves and Jeff Lemire, has a surprising new collaborator who joins us in Episode #640 this week!

The new mini-series is Gilt Frame, and eccentric and electrifying crime thriller starring the most unlikely detective duo in the history of murder mysteries! It’s described this way: “Bestselling cartoonist Matt Kindt has shattered crowdfunding records with Keanu Reeves on their blockbuster BRZRKR graphic novels. He’s created acclaimed comics with fellow indie comics darlings Jeff Lemire and David Rubín and his talented studio mate, Brian Hurtt. And now the creator of Mind MGMT and Dept. H. has a new and entirely unexpected writing partner: his mother, Margie Kraft Kindt!” We talk about where the story came from, who the characters are, how the creators worked with each other to make this book happen, and what we might expect from Matt and Margie in the future! Don’t miss this fun and enjoyable conversation!


Wayne Hall creates the weekly Wayne's Comics Podcast. He’s interviewed Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, John Layman, Kyle Higgins, Phil Hester, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, David Petersen, Christos Gage, Mike Grell, and Matt Kindt. He lives in Central Florida near Orlando, where he has resided for 7 years.

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