Studio Green 557: A Look Into A Media Production’s Journey With Florida Cosplayers

Matthew Rottler is an Orlando audio/visual hopeful that’s making strides in the central Florida community with Studio Green 557. From the looks of his projects, I feel he’s got some good quality media going on.

Matthew has achieved his education for his craft via the DAVE school (Digital Animation Visual Effects). I recall seeing the DAVE booth up constantly at many conventions and they have an impressive and informative set up.

Cecil Garner and other cosplayers partnered with Matthew Rottler to produce a symbiotic ensemble in order to promote said cosplayers and to get their name further into the ether and to continue garnering their exposure to geek fans everywhere!

I’ve personally witnessed Cecil Grimes and Shellane Deamarest partake in their fan-made Walking Dead projects. The Studio Green 557 company just further helps reinforce these actors/cosplayers’ star power. Rottler is hoping to make a name for himself, and with these passionate and successful cosplayers backing him, I’m sure he’ll make an amazing experience for prospects interested in taking him on for quality projects.

Michonne and Rick Grimes Cosplayers

I had spoken with Mr. Rottler about Studio Green 557 and how it operates. He even has an origin story of his own and explains how original his work is and how he stands out against the competition. His recent passion project is that of the all too familiar post-apocalyptic zombie variety and I delved into some of the actors he worked with.


1. How did Studio Green 557 get its start?

My love of the arts started at an early age. As a child, I watched my grandfather paint pictures of nature scenes many nights after dinner. I began my formal study of the arts in high school where I took drawing, computer-aided drafting, and photography. Later, I moved to Orlando, FL to attend the Digital Animation Visual Effects School (DAVE school) to learn 3D modeling, texturing, and animation skills to broaden my interests in the arts and learn to create movie magic. I graduated from the DAVE school with a degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects in December 2011. After graduation the business was launched.

Rick Grimes and Negan Cosplayers

2. What makes Studio Green 557 a stand-out in their methods, what sets you apart from the rest…your focus?

As a visual effects multimedia production company I use my combined skill sets of photography and 2D/3D computer animation to create traditional portraits, pet portraits, enhanced portraits, videos, product photography, business design/social media content, and social events. The current focus is photography and video content for social media usage to help businesses grow and promote.

3. Are you reaching out to other mediums and methods to spread the word about Studio Green 557?

We currently have a website ( as well as a presence on Instagram, and Facebook. As we grow we plan more places and ways to spread the word.

4. I see you had collaborated with the local Florida cosplayers, some of which have done well for themselves. Care to elaborate on what that project entailed?

Shortly after my graduation in 2011 I started to follow Cecil Garner of Cecil Grimes Cosplay on social media as well as in person at conventions. As our friendship grew, we both saw the value of a collaboration. I wanted to give back to the DAVE School and after a few meetings we set up the first zombie photo/video shoot on their green screen stage. This provide Cecil and Studio Green 557 with new photos and videos to promote our brands while at the same time it was a live educational workshop for the DAVE School students to learn and get some hands-on experience.

One of my favorite jobs I was booked for was a 50’s themed birthday party for Kimmy Roschewski a great friend and amazing cosplayer.

I’m currently working doing freelance work for Cos-A-Commotion creating social media content and videos to promote future events they are booked for and to help expand their brand awareness. I will be traveling with Cos -A-Commotion to conventions to capture those behind the booth and on the road stories and with Shellane and Dean backing this miraculous setplay, this is when “The Cosplay Looks Real“!

The below is a nice tease of Matt’s Walking Dead project.

5. Cecil Garner had informed me that the photo shoot had evolved into a film short of sorts, with the intention of being entered into film festivals. Any idea when the big reveal on that will be and which festivals?

Yes! After I process all the footage form the recent photo/video shoot and finish the editing process there will be a short fan film. We had 3 cameras running on every scene so there is a lot. It will be one of those untold encounters between Rick Grimes and Negan. It will feature Cecil Garner of Cecil Grimes Cosplay, Gene Russell (Negan Unchained), and Shellane Demarest of Cos A Commoton.

We had an amazing crew, and some came great distances to be part of it. I would like to thank the entire crew helping make it possible. This is a Walking Dead fan film made by Walking Dead fans that came together to express their love for the show and be a part of it in their own way to give back. There is no release date currently and what film festivals we hope to be included in. I will release a teaser trailer asap so be sure to follow Studio Green 557, Cos-A-Commotion, Cecil Grimes Cosplay, and Negan Unchained for updates!

6. Anything else you’d like to add?

We have many original projects being developed as well as other fan films in our future we will be part of. More details on those projects as they become available. I would like to thank Florida Geek Scene for this opportunity to share our journey thus far.

The following are cosplayer testimonials from those who have a passion for their craft as well as entertainment. Cecil Grimes is a world renowned Walking Dead Rick Grimes cosplayer that has a setplay diorama a la the Alexandria Safe-Zone and he gives his testimonial regarding his cohort Matthew.

Cecil Grimes (Garner)It has been a pleasure working with Mathew Rottler and studio green screen 557.. He is always on time and well equipped to do the job at hand.. Mr. Rottler is very talented and knowledgeable and takes the extra time to explain everything he is doing to the last detail.. i would recommend as a goto for any green screen needs photo shoots and video projects.

Shellane and Dean Demarest, popular for their convention setplays that portray a live-action diorama,weighed in on their Studio Green 557 experience.

Shellane Demarest (Michonne, Fish Mooney, Wakandan Warrior, Gamora) Matthew Rottler, the owner of Studio Green 557, invited me to this fun project and although I was extremely fatigued from an earlier shoot, I had so much fun. Once the project began, I forgot how tired I was! Mr. Rottler’s preparation made this shoot flawless. From his storyboards, assistants, and professional equipment, it didn’t feel anything less than a television production set. For anyone looking to create a movie reel, short film or anything requiring a video project Studio Green 557 is the talent you should hire.

Michonne Cosplay

Dean Demarest (Doctor Strange, Oswald Cobblepot, Rick Grimes) – I have been working with Studio Green for several months now. Matt has helped our business tremendously with his creativity and work ethic. Highly recommended.

Kimmy Roschewski, who has a cornucopia of costumes rather vast, gave accolades to Matt as well. From something as personal as a birthday celebration to an event at the well known Gods & Monsters locale off of Int’d Drive, Orlando, it sounds like Kimmy feels this is a company that can be relied upon.

Kimmy Roschewski  –  (Most common cosplays are Wonder Woman variations, Harley Quinn, Pocahontas and Moana, Tia Dalma and Mary Sanderson. Recently I’ve also done Mera from Aquaman a few times )I worked with the studio twice once I hired them for my birthday party and at another occasion I worked with them at a anniversary party for Gods & Monsters. Roger has always been a friendly kind and professional photographer who is very well informed about his craft.

He never fails to make it a fun time and never stresses about time or rushing through the process he values quality over quantity. He takes the time to get to know those he works with and it always open to doing new projects whether it be active shooting walking around during an event or a stylized shoot in a single location.

(Kimmy’s more detailed cosplay line-up) My most common cosplays are Wonder Woman variations, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, Pocahontas for which my arm tattoos are real and Moana from Disney, I’m also well known for my Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean and Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. Recently I’ve also done Mera from Aquaman a few times.

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