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Art by: Dave Moreno

Written by: Calico Davis


Fizgig is an all ages graphic novel, available to support now on Kickstarter. While the art isn’t able to compete with any of the big boys, its perfect for its audience. The writing and story telling really shines for the age group, as well. Considering the tiny budget for the comic, it’s very impressive what the creative team manages.

Fizgig has origins we’ve all seen before – an unforeseeable accident in secret science lab – but the heart of the story isn’t how she gets her powers, it’s what she does with them. As someone who has dreamed of being a super hero ever since being saved by one, Fizgig immediately sets out to make the world a better place. There’s even a healthy note of realism as police officers don’t want a teenage girl in harm’s way, but she quickly proves her worth. The resultant conflict doesn’t even focus on really fighting it out, but in the clever application of her powers. True to the all ages intent, it’s not going to be violence that solves all our hero’s problems.

And much like the art, as an adult, I may find the writing a little on the simple side, but I’m not the target audience at all. The level of writing is a perfect fit for someone who will look up to the 14 year old hero. There’s nothing too complicated to grasp, the story moves along smoothly, and the vocabulary is appropriate. Indeed, there’s nothing really objectionable at all to taint the young one’s minds.

I’ve always felt comics like this deserve more support than they get. If you’re interested in reading more, picking up a copy for a young one you want to introduce to comics, or even just supporting new talent without reward for yourself, the price is very reasonable. Include all of the bonus material, and the fun of watching the project come to fruition, and Fizgig becomes a true bargain, so I can’t see much reason why interested parties wouldn’t take the plunge.






Reaches All the Right Highs for an All Ages Hit

Fizgig feels like it has everything it needs to be an all ages wonder. A scrappy young hero, mysterious neighbors to watch, villains to fight, all with solid art and great writing.


Brian has been reading comics since January, 1987, when the death of Optimus Prime rocked his young world. Once a regular presenter on The Nerdstravaganza Podcast, Brian now writes for Florida Geek Scene.

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