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Review: The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem

Written by: Cixin Liu

Tor Books


A masterful execution of science fiction, The Three-Body Problem is a gripping tale of an alien invasion.

The Three-Body Problem seemed to be an intimidating read, not in the length but in the context. However, Cixin Liu’s storytelling is thoughtful and engaging from beginning to end.


I don’t read as much science fiction as I would like. I grew up reading fantasy, but that’s not to say I don’t like science fiction; I tend to be more selective when it comes to science fiction. But something about The Three-Body Problem caught my attention and made me pull the trigger and purchase it.

One of the best decisions I could have made.

The Three-Body Problem is absolutely amazing. This novel spans years, going back and forth between characters and scenes effortlessly to tell the story of the three-body problem while having a subplot surrounding an investigation. So, alongside the science fiction, a little mystery works to add to the plot line.

But probably the best thing about the novel was the accessibility of it.

Liu’s story includes a lot of science. This might seem daunting to some readers, but the writing and the science behind them are accessible. It was so easy to understand but not dumbed down, either. There is enough detail that allows the reader to understand the basics without getting overwhelmed by the information.

More importantly, it flows. We see something exciting when we enter the virtual reality game about the three-body problem.

In different periods, the players try to solve the three-body problem. What is the problem? I’d hate to spoil it, but it was amazing how the problem is explored and affects the alien race.

The introduction of the alien race doesn’t happen until the end, so don’t expect it early on. But the storytelling is absolutely captivating. Words cannot begin to express how excellent this novel is.

Final Thoughts

The Three-Body Problem is an amazing. Expertly building up a story, the story moves fluidly between characters and time periods and pulls together a masterful science fiction.


An Exhilarating Sci-fi Read | The Three-Body Problem Review

A masterful execution of science fiction, The Three-Body Problem is a gripping tale of an alien invasion.

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