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Review: Twin Crowns

Twin Crowns

Written by: Catherine Doyle & Katherine Webber



An exciting rom-com fantasy, Twin Crowns is filled to the brim with adventure, subterfuge, and humor.

Twin Crowns is a delightful read that surprised me, offering laughs and sisterly love amongst the romance and adventure.


I absolutely adored Twin Crowns. I’m somewhat impartial, loving a few select rom-coms (Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, and The Family Stone). But rom-coms are not generally what I go for. However, I’m so happy I picked up this book.

Twin Crowns follows twins Wren and Rose, who were separated at birth. Rose was born into the palace, knowing nothing of her sister, thinking both of her parents were murdered the night she was born by villainous witches.

Wren was lucky enough to be whisked away and saved by her grandmother, a witch as treachery stole into the castle. She was raised to take her sister’s place and bring witches back from exile.

Of course, this means kidnapping her sister and sending her across the desert while she steals her place.

Split between both characters, the story unfolds masterfully.

Wren and Rose couldn’t be more different, capturing their namesakes perfectly. But they balance the story, building up the romance and humor in different ways.

I loved how Wren sneaks into the palace and works to make the plan come to life. Her sly cleverness, fumbles, and recoveries make for some laugh-out-loud moments. Not to mention the budding romance between her and Tor Iversen. They challenge one another. They are not quite enemies to lovers but are definitely on the cusp of it.

Rose, for her part, also has some great moments. More than that, she goes on an incredible journey. Rose goes from a pampered princess to a rebel fighter. She’s still as polite as formal, but she grows thorns. Rose becomes a fighter. She is the coolheaded princess of Wren’s rashness.

And the romance between her and Shen, well, it is simply adorable. Whereas Wren’s has more fire, Rose’s is more wholesome and sweeter.

Final Thoughts

The authors did a fantastic job with Twin Crowns. This novel was sweet. It was fun and action-packed and didn’t lack for fantasy. There is excitement and so many laugh-out-loud moments on top of the perfectly balanced characterization that make this a delight to read. This reader is excited for the sequel.


Funny and Fantastical | Twin Crowns Review

An exciting rom-com fantasy, Twin Crowns is filled to the brim with adventure, subterfuge, and humor.

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