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Innovative Identities: Exploring the World of Craftgoblin Cosplay


NocedoPhoto: How did you first decide to start an OnlyFans account, and what motivated you to pursue it further?

Craftgoblin: I had bills racking up on top of having expensive hobbies and at the time it seemed like a good idea for passive income.

NocedoPhoto: What challenges did you encounter when initially setting up your OnlyFans profile, and how did you overcome them?
Craftgoblin: Mostly just learning the platform and what I could and couldn’t do to streamline things. I also, like to this day, don’t actually know how viewers actually find models outside of knowing them from other platforms and finding this OnlyFans. With Instagram and even Fansly you can at least add hashtags and reach people that way, but with OnlyFans it’s really about the hustle and grind of marketing yourself elsewhere and then directing people to your page.


NocedoPhoto: Can you share some strategies you’ve used to grow your subscriber base and increase your exposure on the platform?
Craftgoblin:  I never had luck with Reddit like people suggested, it was way too oversaturated. Twitter wasn’t super helpful for me, but I’m also not the best with keeping up with Twitter. The best way I found, and I had just seen it done by another TikTok creator, was to put a decal on my car. It is funny because I’ve seen so many people point it out or take pictures of it not realizing I’m still sitting in the car like, I can in fact see and hear you. Very entertaining.

NocedoPhoto: How do you balance maintaining privacy and managing your public persona while engaging with subscribers on OnlyFans?
raftgoblin: I don’t go by my government name, and haven’t for a while so that was already working in my favor. I’m a super open person as is, if you ask I’ll more than likely tell, so it’s been pretty smooth going. And in all seriousness, if someone REALLY wanted to find me, public records are a thing and it’s not that hard. I do carry though so that’s really at their own risk. ..

NocedoPhoto: What are some common misconceptions people have about running an OnlyFans account, and how would you address them?
Craftgoblin: It’s hard! It’s not nearly as easy as everyone thinks, myself included. You’re constantly marketing yourself, constantly having to have a consistent stream of content lined up and then interacting with people as much as possible to keep them engaged. It really is a full time job in itself and you really need to work it into your everyday schedule.

NocedoPhoto: Have you faced any stigma or judgment from friends, family, or society regarding your decision to have an OnlyFans account, and how do you handle it?
Craftgoblin: I mean besides the Karen comments about the sticker on my car from strangers, not really. I’ve got a pretty open minded and accepting friend group to begin with so I haven’t really had to deal with any (direct) issues.


NocedoPhoto: In what ways do you engage with your subscribers to foster a sense of community and loyalty on OnlyFans?

Craftgoblin: I mean besides the Karen comments about the sticker on my car from strangers, not really. I’ve got a pretty open minded and accepting friend group to begin with so I haven’t really had to deal with any (direct) issues.

NocedoPhoto: How do you decide what content to post on your OnlyFans account, and how do you keep it fresh and engaging for your subscribers?
Craftgoblin:  Im constantly asking what they want to see, to keep my ideas flowing as well as gauging interest. When people message me I don’t talk to them any differently than I‘d talk to my convention friends and I keep it completely real with them. I’m on ADHD and autistic, I’m not good at faking personas lol.

NocedoPhoto: What advice would you give to other women looking to start or improve their OnlyFans presence for better exposure and success?
Craftgoblin: That one I honestly can’t answer, I myself still struggle with that. I’ve always been told consistency is key. The most helpful thing I would do is schedule posts in advance so you can consistently have things going and reach more algorithms.



NocedoPhoto: How do you approach setting prices for your content and managing subscription tiers to maximize earnings while keeping subscribers satisfied?
Craftgoblin: I still fluctuate on some of my custom prices after doing a lot of research into other people’s prices and tip menus. I never want to feel like I’m asking too much and running people off, but I don’t want to short myself either. I just have my set monthly subscription and charge separately for customs and then when I post videos.

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