Wayne’s Comics Podcast #505: Interview with Tyler Chin-Tanner

Episode 505 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast has the return of Tyler Chin-Tanner from A Wave Blue World!

Tyler discusses four of his company’s latest titles, including Dead Beats 2: London Calling!, Bloody Hel, The Orphan King, and Dead Legends II.  As always, he’s got a lot of great variety in the offerings from A Wave Blue World, so we go in-depth on these four books. He’s also at New York Comic Con this year, so he fills us in on his impressions about my favorite comic convention, including how things compare to the last time he was there. We also explore some of the latest releases from A Wave Blue World, so don’t miss it!


Wayne Hall creates the weekly Wayne's Comics Podcast. He’s interviewed Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, John Layman, Kyle Higgins, Phil Hester, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, David Petersen, Christos Gage, Mike Grell, and Matt Kindt. He lives in Central Florida near Orlando, where he has resided for 7 years.

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