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With over 34 years of experience playing with toys I thought to myself why not keep it in the family. Playing with toys comes natural to my kids. Then again I think it comes natural to most…lol. With all the years of experience in ecommerce and 20 years as a retail manager I have decided to dive into a family business that not only I enjoy, but something my boys enjoy. In life it’s always about the moments you capture and are able to live through. With our new adventure here at Bitz & Buttons this is something I can share with my Boys and allow them the opportunity to have something of their own.

As a growing adult we all look back on our childhood and reminisce about the many childhood memories. From TV shows to music. From Thundercats to The Simpson’s! I still don’t like the change from WWF to WWE. My wife and I still argue who over the fact that Heathcliff was cooler than Garfield. We all look back on those times and just say WOW! Now a days we walk into a toy store and shake our head and the plastic that’s on the shelves. We shake our heads at the fact that our kids spend more time behind a phone screen playing games than behind a console.

We were those kids that had to listen to their grandparents talk about how deep the snow was when they had to walk to school. And we hated it! Now we are that adult telling kids today how when we were young we played tag and rode our bikes. We weren’t afraid to get hit in the face by a dodge ball and if when we did we just sucked it up.

Since 1998 I been dealing with E*Commerce and mostly Ebay. Spent a lot of my youth hustling and selling many collectibles. As I got older I began to enjoy the items that fell into my lap. For a several years I found that collectibles were not just that action figure or that game. I found out that collectors needed everything from a Game Manual to a Plastic Ninja Star. Piece by Piece everything has a value to someone. I built a reputation for having a large catalog and variety in the retro game market several years ago.

As we all know being a parent is a full time job in itself and I found out the hard way. After a while my love and hobby of collecting and selling became a thing of the past due to the new priorities that came into my life. That didn’t stop me from doing what I enjoyed. Wanting to to find a way to continue to on collecting I took up collecting Disney Cars with my son. As soon as he was able to actually play with toys I bought his first Lightning McQueen and 8 years later that one McQueen has turned into hundreds and a past time we would cherish. With the addition of our second child and with an ever growing family of boys. I have found myself enjoying things that I once enjoyed as a kid. I found myself spending time with my boys toy hunting and boy did they enjoy it. What kid wouldn’t enjoy traveling around looking for toys! That father son time I take with my kids made me realize why not share the fun and excitement with everyone and give my boys something to take part in.

Thank you for taking the time out to hear our brief story. Thank you for being part of our journey.

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(754) 779-7606
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5227 West Broward Blvd
Plantation, Florida
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